Advanced Git

If you’re already using Git and would like to dive into how it really works check out this video. Tim Berglund quickly moves from Git basics to a look at the “plumbing behind the porcelain.” By the end you’ll have a much better understanding of Git internals and have a little fun along the way. Enjoy!

Getting Started with Git

There comes a point in every project where version control becomes critical, even if you’re the only one working on it! Honestly, have that change history has saved me more times than I would really care to admit. So, seriously, if you’re not using it, start now!

Over the past couple months I’ve been working on a transition from Subversion to Git. If you’re not familiar with Git, it takes a very different approach to the versioning architecture. The end result, a much faster and easier to use tool. I plan to do a couple more posts on this topic, but to start off I found this video very helpful as I was getting started.

Thanks @mojombo.

The Quiet Ones

I recently read an article titled The Quiet Ones which was published in the New York Times in mid November. While this article is quite different from the content I typically post, I found it to be an interesting social commentary and thought I’d share it here.

Among other things the author, Tim Kreider, discusses the impact of technological immersion on the way we, as a society, behave. He also notes on how this changed over time as technology has played and even increasing role in day-to-day life. Since I’ve not only grown up in a technical work but also work with technology daily, I often lose sight of the immersion reality. Perhaps you are in the same situation. In any event, I hope you take the time to read the article.

Read The Quiet Ones from the New York Times.

Software Engineering Cheatsheet

Hacker Newsletter has another winner! This article by Jacob Gorban provides a greater overview of the software development practices I believe in.

I find the “Is there another way?” question to be especially useful for identfying the good, bad, and finally, after a while, the best way to do something. Unfortunately that best way doesn’t always come before the deadline and gets added to the next release…

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